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Our Leadership

In line with our purpose and values, our approach to leadership is focused on transparency, fairness, accountability, and responsibility.

Working with Us

With in-depth expertise and extensive project experience, We help you get the most from your software while enabling a smooth deployment.  

Putting customers first

Unlike many other partner programmes, we reward and measure more than just revenue performance. Our programmes also incentivize partners on those things that matter most to you, such as how satisfied you are, quality, and skill level. This creates a culture that places a strong emphasis on building customer relationships and not just closing deals. 


Local expertise

Some of our customers – particularly small and midsized firms (SMEs) – prefer to work with a company that is smaller than SAP. For you, the ideal choice may be a partner who is nearby, understands your local market, speaks your language, is embedded in the culture, and can easily navigate local regulations.


Built-in quality

All SAP partners must adhere to stringent requirements across their business operations, solutions, and services. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you’re working with a partner that is not only endorsed by SAP but also continually monitored and evaluated. 


Built just for you

SAP partners build, extend, customise, and enrich our software to deliver innovative and tailored solutions that meet the exact needs of customers all over the world. Each partner brings its own unique blend of expertise, skills, and services to deliver the solution you need and act as your trusted advisor, today and in the future. 

Our Expert

Jeet poptani

As a seasoned Program Leader, I have an exceptional track record of successfully delivering SAP S/4 HANA, Cloud Innovation, and Digital Transformation programs since 2004. Delivered more than 50+ Successful programs for fortune 500 companies such as SAP Germany AG, Coca-Cola Jaguar Land Rover, Diageo UK, Adevinta Spain and in public sector.


Over the years, I have collaborated with C-Suites to reduce costs, drive revenue growth, and effectively manage risks by leading complex programs and Change Management functions.


My passion for innovation, deep industry knowledge, and ability to translate complex concepts into actionable strategies have positioned me as a catalyst for change.

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